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My Wellness Story

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Alistair "Ali" Young


Wellness Coach/Trainer

Three decades of entrepreneurship have brought lessons and strengths to share. I love business because it fuels our economy.  But, along with building a business comes stress and challenges. 
I had to learn how to be successful with my health and in business.  It was and still is a journey.  Now much easier because wellness is an intentional part of my life.
In my journey to wellness I embraced my spiritual grounding and the study of many healing modalities that are key to my health and wellness transformation:

iRest Level 1 Teacher, I Am Nidra Certified Facilitator, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Radiant Child Yoga Level 1-3 Instructor, Certified Hatha, Yin Yoga Instructor, ​Certified Health Coach, Certified Master Vegetarian, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer​.

I encourage you to build a healthy purposeful organization from the inside out with passion that radiates authenticity and a sense of community now into the future. That brings true satisfaction and fulfillment.

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