Discussion of Change

Updated: Feb 5

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Discussion of Change

I started this self-talk over two years ago with the acknowledgement of feeling more centered and purpose-driven than I had in a long time. Suddenly in 2020 the COVID-19 pause interrupted my life like so many others. Everything stopped in its tracks like a freight train's screeching halt to avoid a crash. But the crash came anyway. I gave way to readjustments in my values, beliefs and purpose. Now, let’s fast forward to where I am today in 2022. Where are you? How is your self-talk and discussion with others? Are you getting back on track?

Praying I will express the correct emotional sentiments about this health crisis, politics, the economy and humanity in despair. As a person of color, I've put a lot of my disappointment in a separate compartment in my brain. Thankful that the anger has been replaced with a softer sentiment. It no longer manifests itself through my emotions. I must move forward in the mist of frustration into a hope that is unshakable. The healing of souls is too important.

The COVID cases have transformed into another variant while vaccines and boosters are available. The human rights issues are now in the shadow of vaccines, political divide, inflation with an uptick of gun violence sprinkled in. Communities of color are still hurting the most with lasting effects. The unveiled challenges in our underserved communities of fewer health care facilities, transportation needs, slower economic development, food deserts, lack of job opportunities, and violence still remain. I find myself always looking for ways to help serve this community while struggling to keep my own footing. It's a dilemma faced every day. How do I reach out to help others to the table while still continuing to prove my right to a place at the table?

Disruption often brings change and hard disruptions bring larger lasting change. Good things are still happening and good people are still out there. We must believe that. It just takes more effort to find them in this season. Change is uncomfortable and sometimes difficult, but it represents growth. I relate it to a pain in the body. That pain can be silent and not hurt at all when the body is still. But let the body get up and start moving. Suddenly the body is in pain again and needs to find relief. We have to get moving, and work through the pain. It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable for change.

My mind presently remembers the spiritual reference to guarding your heart for everythng you do flows from it... Our heart and brain are so intricately connected. It has to be a heart change that moves the brain toward change. We are what we think. How can we be used to help change hearts knowing it's a hard road to travel? Hatred is learned and comes with a sense of denial. These sentiments are passed from generation to generation. Hate imbedded in a heart reflects in a voice. So many voices with varying degrees of volume, tone, and persuasion are speaking today. All trying to be the ultimate authority. Where is the real truth in these conversations?

The focus is on separation and personal agendas that ignite more controversy and anxiety. It’s time to start moving toward reconciliation and working together for the good of mankind. To build stronger effective change it takes persistence and intention. It may take giving up something to gain more.

Let’s be courageous and purposeful with intention. To strive for more understanding and less criticism of what we do not understand. Examine what may be possible for us as a united democracy and race. Eagerly wanting equality for all. But most importantly, willing to give up something to get there. So, my resolve for unity and purpose as I move forward is still evolving. I find myself-

Hoping for equality and justice - while tapering my discontentment

Praying for truth to come out – while opening my mind for understanding

Hoping for lives to be restored – while expanding my perspective

Praying for hearts to be changed – while strengthening my humility

Hoping for the strength of our future generations – while examining my purpose

Praying for light into a darkened world – while looking at my values and moral standards

Praying for a day we all know the reality we are one human race.

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